New Debt Listed on Indemo🔥

New Debt Listed on Indemo🔥

New Debt Listed on Indemo🔥

We are excited to introduce our latest addition, a debt secured by a house in Cartagena. This property is an excellent addition to our portfolio, offering another lucrative investment opportunity.

New Debt: House in Cartagena

Current Status: Opposition

The house in Cartagena is currently at the Opposition stage. This debt offers a PTV of 59.6%, presenting a substantial investment potential with promising returns.

Dig Deeper

To provide you with more comprehensive insights into these opportunities, we’ve prepared detailed teaser presentations for the New Debt. These presentations include in-depth information about the properties and their investment potential.

New Debt Added to Our Current Notes Offering

We are also excited to announce that with the recently added debts R005 and R008, we have now brought the number of new debts added to the rotation in June to three. The latest debt, A70, is now available for investing on the platform in our current Notes offering. You are welcome to explore and invest in these new opportunities to enhance your portfolio.

Stay Updated

Don’t miss out on these exciting new investment opportunity in Cartagena! We will keep you informed about the progress and any new updates related to these debts. For real-time updates and more information, join Our Telegram channel.

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