Investor Festival Continues! New Debt Coming Soon to Indemo 🔥☀️

Investor Festival Continues! New Debt Coming Soon to Indemo 🔥☀️

Investor Festival Continues! New Debt Coming Soon to Indemo 🔥☀️

We are excited to announce a new addition to our investment opportunities at Indemo: a real estate-backed debt tied to an attractive apartment in the lively city of Benidorm. This new debt offers a promising opportunity to diversify and enhance your investment portfolio.

The New Debt - A111 - Apartment in Benidorm

Current Status: Opposition

The apartment in Benidorm is currently at the Opposition stage. If either party is dissatisfied with the judge's ruling, they can file an appeal to a higher court and request a review of the decision. It is possible to appeal only once. This debt offers a PTV of 64.0%, presenting a substantial investment potential with promising returns.

Dig Deeper

To provide you with comprehensive insights into this opportunity, we have prepared a detailed teaser presentation for the Apartment in Benidorm. This presentation includes in-depth information about the property, its market potential, and an assessment conducted by our trusted appraiser, ensuring you have all the data needed to make informed investment decisions.

Stay Updated

Notes with this new debt will be listed in the coming days, do not miss out! For real-time updates and more information, Join Our Telegram Channel.

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