Indemo launches summer Cashback event for all investors!

Indemo launches summer Cashback event for all investors!

Indemo launches summer Cashback event for all investors!

The Indemo Investor Festival is well underway, and as we come to the end of June, we’re delighted to announce the icing on the top of this month’s cake - our long awaited, and first ever Cashback event for our incredible community!

In the last few weeks, we’ve celebrated some key events for Indemo, including the second Discounted Debt repayment, hitting €2,000,000 in assets under management, achieving a milestone of 1000 registered investors, releasing highly anticipated platform features, and adding four new Discounted Debts to the platform. And now, to give back to this wonderful community, we’re launching a deliciously generous cashback program that can boost your investment returns like never before.

At Indemo, when we say cashback, we mean cashback. No complicated terms and conditions, no limiting caps or cliffs, and no cut off times. Just simple, clean, and instant TWO percent cashback on all your investment for all investors, current and new.

Here’s the deal:

The cashback event will run from June 27 16:00 CET through July 31, 2024 23:59 CET

Between this period, any new deposits or investments you make on Indemo will earn you:

  • 2% instant cashback on any invested amount
  • Paid instantly into your account immediately after you make the investment
  • Available for all investors, regardless of the date you signed up to Indemo
  • No codes required


  • Cashback amount cannot be withdrawn or transferred to a third party. When repayments in Notes you invested together with cashback are made, all your earnings become your free cash funds.
  • You can invest your cashback in Discounted Debts only
  • Funds from debt repayments (both principal and interest) made within the dates of the campaign do not qualify for cashback

We encourage you to take advantage of this awesome offer, as it’s a great way to try out some new investments and boost your portfolio.

Terms and conditions of Indemo Investment Platform apply to the Indemo Cashback campaign.

The great news doesn’t stop there! As the first month of the Indemo First Anniversary celebrations comes to a close, our Investor Festival will continue all over the summer! We’ve got plenty of more awesome announcements up our sleeves to share with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, allocate your passive capital, grab a sun bed, switch on the tunes, and enjoy the rest of the summer whilst your capital works for you!

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