Revolutionizing Your Investment Experience: Indemo's New Portfolio Upgrade!

Revolutionizing Your Investment Experience: Indemo's New Portfolio Upgrade!

Revolutionizing Your Investment Experience: Indemo's New Portfolio Upgrade!

Greetings, Indemo Investors!

We're delighted to bring you some exciting news that's bound to elevate your investment journey. Thanks to the invaluable feedback from our vibrant investor community, we've rolled out a game-changing feature in the "My Notes/Portfolio" section – a dual look that puts you in the driver's seat.

Introducing the Dual Look: "Notes" View

In the "Notes" view, you now have a consolidated space to review all the Notes you've invested in. A simple tap on each Note opens up a world of insights into all the Debts inside. Whether it's examining already funded Notes or those in the funding stage, this view provides a comprehensive snapshot of your investment landscape.

Exploring "My Assets" View

Navigate to the "My Assets" view for a streamlined experience. Easily peruse through a list of all Debts you're exposed to, accompanied by corresponding invested amounts. Dive into key Debt metrics, assess legal recovery stages, and seamlessly shift to the detailed Debt view. Tapping on each Debt allows for effortless navigation between your invested Notes and the intricacies of individual Debts.

No More Pre-Orders Section – Instant Portfolio Updates

We heard you loud and clear – the pre-orders section is now a thing of the past! All the notes you add to your briefcase will instantly reflect in your portfolio. No more waiting – it's all about real-time updates for a more dynamic and responsive investment experience.

Your Feedback, Our Inspiration

A big shoutout to our incredible community for sharing your thoughts and suggestions. Your feedback has been the driving force behind these enhancements, and we're committed to continuously refining your experience on the Indemo platform.

Happy Investing! 🚀

As we roll out these exciting updates, we sincerely hope you enjoy the enhanced features and find them valuable in your investment journey. Here's to more seamless, transparent, and rewarding investing on Indemo!

Thank you for being a crucial part of our community.

Happy Investing!

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