The Indemo Investor Festival: A summer of rewards, offers, and exciting new features!

The Indemo Investor Festival: A summer of rewards, offers, and exciting new features!

The Indemo Investor Festival: A summer of rewards, offers, and exciting new features!

It’s been a full year since we launched Indemo! 😲

As a thank you to our incredible community of investors, we’re celebrating our 1st year anniversary with a summer-long event packed with activities, offers, and new feature releases!

The Indemo Investor Festival will last throughout the summer, and each week, we’ll be announcing a handful of our most exciting updates yet.

Stay tuned for:

  • New investor incentives, including a sizzling summer cashback program available to all Indemo investors, along with a brand new referral plan
  • Competitions and giveaways for our amazing Indemo Community  
  • Release of a batch of brand new debt investments that we know you’ve all been asking for
  • Repayment season! As a number of debts are highly likely to be recovered in the next few months, investors can expect repayments on their investments
  • Release of some game-changing new features that you’ve requested, including a performance page, simplified account creation, and plenty of platform enhancements
  • New investment products, including bank type mortgage loans from Spain with monthly repayments
  • Release of a new Investors Academy area
  • Release of our long awaited secondary market, meaning you can exit your investments faster and easier than ever
  • More product transparency than ever though an exclusive integration with Idealista, the leading real estate ads service in Iberia and Italy
  • Much more!

Don't miss out!
We’ll be sharing the details of each new update and enhancement throughout this historic summer, so stay tuned! To get involved in the Indemo Investor Festival, subscribe to our newsletter, join our Telegram channel, and Sign up to Indemo if you haven’t already!

A bright future ahead

We’re so thankful to our community of investors who are helping the platform grow and improve. As you help us push forward and democratize investment, we know you’re going to love what we have in store. It’s going to be a summer to remember!☀️

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