Two New Debts from Barcelona Coming Soon!

Two New Debts from Barcelona Coming Soon!

Two New Debts from Barcelona Coming Soon!

We are thrilled to unveil our latest investment opportunities that are sure to brighten your portfolio – real estate-backed debts tied to two charming apartments in the vibrant city of Barcelona!

1st New Debt: Apartment at Baronessa de Malda Street, Barcelona
This new addition to our offering marks an exciting development in our mission to provide lucrative investment avenues to our valued community members. The debt, secured by the picturesque apartment on Baronessa de Malda Street, offers a promising opportunity for investors.

Current Status: Submission Confirmation

The apartment at Baronessa de Malda Street is in the final stages of Submission Confirmation, presenting a unique opportunity with a Price to Value (PTV) of 53%. This signifies a favorable investment prospect with significant potential for returns.

2nd New Debt: Apartment at Gran de Sant Andreu Street, Barcelona
Similarly, the second debt is tied to a beautiful apartment on Gran de Sant Andreu Street. This property adds further diversity and potential to our investment portfolio.

Current Status: Trial

The apartment at Gran de Sant Andreu Street is currently at the trial stage. This debt offers a PTV of 60%, providing a promising investment with considerable potential for returns.

Dig Deeper

To provide you with comprehensive insights into these opportunities, we’ve prepared detailed teaser presentations for each debt. These presentations include in-depth information about the properties and their investment potential. Additionally, we have links to the assessments conducted by Gesvalt, a leading appraiser in Spain, ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed investment decisions.

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Don’t miss out on these exciting new investment opportunities in the heart of Barcelona! We will keep you informed about the progress and any new updates related to these debts. For real-time updates and more information, join Our Telegram channel.

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